Boccherini and Charlo

We recorded Luigi Boccherini’s String Trio Op. 14 No. 4 and Evva’s arrangement of a fiery tango: Charlo’s El viejo vals.

Luigi Boccherini – Trio Op. 14 No. 4 in D Major, G. 98, composed in 1772.

Boccherini, born in Italy and an acclaimed cellist, had just entered the employment of Infante Luis Antonio of Spain in Madrid in 1770 (the younger brother of King Charles III of Spain). The newfound freedoms of this patronage seem to be reflected in the music, which is full of joy, elegance and colourful ideas.

Charlo (Carlos José Pérez) – “El viejo vals”

arranged for string trio by Evva Mizerska

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