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Wellesz @ Austrian Cultural Forum London

We had a wonderful time presenting our recent Egon Wellesz Chamber Music CD at the ACF London, performing Wellesz’ String Trio Op.86, as well as a selection of his Vier Stücke and trios by Jozef Koffler and Leo Weiner. We also had a podium discussion with Martin Anderson from Toccata Classics and a fantastic and very interested audience.

ACF London 28.9.2023

Oxford University Concert/Masterclass

We are proud to perform in honour of Prof. Bojan Bujic’s birthday next Monday, February 27th at the University of Oxford. Prof. Bujic was a student of Egon Wellesz, whose late chamber music works we recorded recently on #ToccataClassics, hence Egon Wellesz’ music will be part of the programme!

In the afternoon, we will hold a chamber music masterclass at the Faculty of Music @Oxford University:

Masterclass with the Veles Ensemble | Faculty of Music (

Egon Wellesz – Chamber Music

Our new CD recording “Egon Wellesz – Chamber Music” is out on Toccata Classics.…/egon-wellesz-chamber-music/

“In its mix of tonality, Expressionism and Schoenbergian serialism, the late chamber music of Egon Wellesz (1885–1974) – born in Vienna but an Oxford don for almost four decades – marries the mid-century radicalism of his native city with the lyricism of his adoptive homeland. In the first part of his career Wellesz was best known as a composer of operas, and these chamber works were audibly written by someone with a keen sense of drama: in their primal passion, flawless pacing, arching melodic lines and occasional bursts of humour, one can almost imagine them on stage.”

@ ToccataClassics

Spotify link:…

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Scotland Tour February 2023

We had a fantastic time touring the Scottish Highlands last week. Playing Mozart’s Divertimento KV563, Leo Weiner’s string trio in G minor, Op. 6, Harti’s trio arrangement of Grażyna Bacewicz’s Oberek and other little gems.

Thanks to the wonderful audiences and lovely hosts!

Portree – Isle of Skye

Boccherini and Charlo

We recorded Luigi Boccherini’s String Trio Op. 14 No. 4 and Evva’s arrangement of a fiery tango: Charlo’s El viejo vals.

Luigi Boccherini – Trio Op. 14 No. 4 in D Major, G. 98, composed in 1772.

Boccherini, born in Italy and an acclaimed cellist, had just entered the employment of Infante Luis Antonio of Spain in Madrid in 1770 (the younger brother of King Charles III of Spain). The newfound freedoms of this patronage seem to be reflected in the music, which is full of joy, elegance and colourful ideas.

Charlo (Carlos José Pérez) – “El viejo vals”

arranged for string trio by Evva Mizerska

France Tour, Novermber 2019

We just came back from a tour in France around Lyon with fantastic clarinetist Peter Cigleris, playing in Saint-Lager, Belleville and Gleizé.

together with clarinetist Peter Cigleris (right) and composer Steve Elcock


after the concert in Belleville


the famous shed (which inspired the “Shed Dances” Op. 26b)