France Tour, Novermber 2019

We just came back from a tour in France around Lyon with fantastic clarinetist Peter Cigleris, playing in Saint-Lager, Belleville and Gleizé.

together with clarinetist Peter Cigleris (right) and composer Steve Elcock


after the concert in Belleville


the famous shed (which inspired the “Shed Dances” Op. 26b)

London Strings Festival – 26 Sept 2018

Upcoming Veles Ensemble string trio concert with Ahmed Mukhtar at the London Strings Festival! The trio will play Beethoven and Kodaly and then join Ahmed Mukhtar in his set of Iraqi oud music.

The Veles Ensemble will open this evening of contrast with a true classic: Beethoven’s String Trio Op. 9 No. 1 in G-major. The trios Op.9 – published in 1798 – are often considered to be one of Beethoven’s most important early works. The G-major’s powerful and even symphonic qualities, wide melodic lines, contrasts and the breathtaking vigour of the finale leave no doubt about its historic significance. It is followed by Zoltan Kodály’s Intermezzo, a wonderfully fresh and light scherzo, written by the then 23 year young composer while finishing a dissertation on the Hungarian folk song at the Budapest academy. Not surprisingly, it combines the spirit of the Hungarian folk song (but without the clyché!) with the depth and sophisticated textures reminiscent of Dohnányi, whose Serenade for string trio served as a model for this short and entertaining delight.

Ahmed Mukhtar will continue the evening presenting Iraqi music with Oud solo’s. He will then be joined be Veles Ensemble to finish with arrangements of his own compositions.

26th September, 7:30pm
St Margaret Pattens
Rood Lane, EC3M1HS

Tickets available here:


Tango with Mozart – Stroud Green Festival

Wednesday  13th June 2018 – 8 pm

The Veles Ensemble presents an evening of classical string trio music with a twist of Piazzolla’s fiery South American tango. The concert features Mozart’s famous Divertimento for string trio K.563 – a landmark in the chamber music repertoire, completed shortly after his last three symphonies.

£12/£8 Online
£15/£10 at the door


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Divertimento K563 in E-flat major
Franz Schubert
String Trio D.471 in B-flat major
Luigi Boccherini
String Trio Op.14 No. 4 in D major
Astor Piazzolla